The Lord on High is Mightier || He Will Hold Me Fast

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Today has been a great day for pondering. It started off with puddles, and now the sun has come out. I have been thinking, thinking, thinking, as well as praying, but the only thing I can seem to write in my journal is the above verse: “The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea” (Psalm 93:4). There are many “waves of the sea” in my life at the moment, but the Lord is soooooo much bigger. He is totally able to handle every situation in my life, even the ones I don’t know how to face. When I don’t know even the first step, He’s already there, calling my name. And telling me that I absolutely must follow Him without reservation. No matter how much it hurts. He wants to carry me through this week - He knows what’s coming so much better than I could ever begin to comprehend.

I have come to the conclusion that no matter what I face, He is always faithful; it’s what His word has taught me. He continues to point out His greatness to me time and time again - when it’s all going beautifully, and during the times it aches deeply. And He is not content to have my obedience only in the “easy” things, oh no. He is such a faithful Father that He will try me deeply so that His name will receive the glory it’s due. Gladys Aylward has a perfect picture of this, “When God asks us to do something, He doesn’t ask us for one hand or one foot, or even one day; He asks for the complete you.”  

He is asking for ALL of me. Not “Um, ok, well just make sure you’re going to church on Sunday and putting money in the offering plate, Cass, then you’re all good.” Those things are very important, but there’s something He desires more than outward obedience - inward surrender. Meaning that my obedience must go a whole lot further than just attempting to be polite or decent to the people around me - I must be Jesus to them. What an honor.  

Today is interesting, but His grace has not run out! Am I going to live like it has? My situation has not limited my Savior on little bit! It doesn't baffle Him for one moment. And He has called me to obey, and that means doing some very difficult things in this season. But He is offering to carry me. “Cassidy, Cassidy, how long will you believe that you are sufficient?!” I never have been and I never will be strong enough, wise enough, or good enough in and of myself to make it through anything. I NEED to be carried, and the One who set the solar system in motion is the One who is taking me by the hand through everything. He has protected me, He has kept me, and He has been with me - what a faithful God!

Leslie Ludy has such a great reminder: “Until He is our all and all, we aren’t truly living the Gospel life.” I want Him to be the obsession of my heart and life. And if He is, then even in the midst of difficulty, my mind is stayed on Him and all He has done - I am not longer baffled by the questions that have been in my mind lately. “What will I say?” “Lord, I don’t know how to handle this. What do I do?” “What’s going to happen?” Instead, there is trust. He has most definitely brought me to it, and now He will bring me through it.  

There is such joy in resting in Jesus. Nothing has to be overwhelming anymore. He has it!

So… Here we go, a week of unique situations. He will hold me fast.


  1. Thank-you so much for this post, Cassidy! It was such a timely reminder. :)