An Eric Ludy Sermon to Totally Check Out!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I had the privilege of meeting Eric Ludy this past spring; I was sooo excited and I could barely contain myself! (And I guess he could tell since he said, "Wow you're really enthusiastic!" I was like.... Ohhh, I need to calm down! ;)). I have been so encouraged by Eric and Leslie's ministry, and today I want to share a message of Eric's.

A few years back, I hear this Eric Ludy sermon called "The Auschwitz Within." And I was so convicted and encouraged by it, and I hope y'all will watch it too! In this message, Eric shares about Evan--a man whose life was radically abandoned to the King of kings. One day, Evan was brutally murdered, and practically forgotten by everyone. His family does not remember his life, except perhaps in shame. There wasn't a funeral upon his death. The individual who killed Evan wasn't even tried. 

Evan was aborted.

The current "church culture" of  America is not one that stands for life and advocates on the vulnerable one's behalf; rather we too often look the other way while another precious life slips away. In this sermon, Pastor Eric strongly exhorts the church that we are called to stand. We must be a voice for these children. 

I am 100% certain that your life will be impacted, touched, and convicted by this message. With transparency and boldness, Eric stands with these little, precious lives. His reason for doing so? Because Jesus is standing for these lives. We must stand with Him! Do not miss out on this inspiring, and deeply challenging message:

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