Life These Days

Saturday, May 28, 2016

I really do not know how in the world to put these past months, weeks, or even days into words. So much has happened! But there is one thing I can say with absolute confidence - God is so amazingly faithful!

On an exciting note, I have been writing and taking photos with The Overflow for nine months now. I seems unreal that I get to interact with all these dear Christian girls and watch some thrive and grow in Christ. I will never tire of watching people find their victory in Jesus. :) Just last night I was up into the late hours of the evening writing a post; I had a burden and couldn't wait to get it down on to paper. It's my prayer that each post will cause the readers to be freshly abandoned to Jesus Christ; hopefully they don't even notice I'm there writing it, but instead it is my hope that they are completely pointed to Him. Some of my recent posts are: Why I Lost Control of My Love LifeThe Day I Failed My Driving Test, and Standing for Life: a Post About Abortion.

I'm currently wrapping up junior year and all the classes and assignments that entails. School has been extremely hard this year and I have learned a lot, thanks to my parents and all my teachers! :) This year, my friend Emma decided to start a Bible study at our home school group, and it was such an encouragement to be able to soak in God's word together. Here are some photos from that-  

Emma leading our discussion on the book of John 

I'll wrap up this post with a great Amy Carmichael quote (and it will be a part of my upcoming Overflow post!) -
“If you would live in victory over the circumstances, great and small, that come to you each day… And if you want God’s life and power to well up from the depths of your being… Then you must refuse to be dominated by the seen and the felt.”


  1. Of course you weren't going to keep those pictures to yourself, you had to go and post them on your blog! :)
    I'm glad that the Bible Study was an encouragement to you! I was encouraged by your faithfulness in coming and in sharing! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend! :)

  2. Oh Emma! You know me! ;) Thanks so much for all the work you put into Bible study this year. I really enjoyed it! :)