My First Bright Lights Meeting

Monday, April 18, 2016

In December, I sent in my Bright Lights application. It seemed surreal.

I had been attending a local Bight Lights group for three years, and I was super excited about the idea of starting my own. I thought about how much the Lord had used each lesson in my life to teach me and draw me closer to Himself, and I wanted to see other girls grow in Him and draw nearer to Him.

A few weeks after I sent the application in, I got a call from Sarah Mally (the founder and director of Bright Lights). I was so excited that I could  barely contain myself! Sarah Mally wants to talk to me?! She told me that I was ACCEPTED as a Bright Lights leader.

Soon the date was set, Tuesday, March 22nd would be my first meeting. As the day approached, I wrote the lesson, planned the snack, practiced the music, and prayed. I wrote up invitations and spread the word; I hoped that many girls would be able to come! 

The long-awaited day finally arrived. 

The clock struck 6:30pm... Where were the girls??? I stared out the window hoping to see a car pull into our driveway, then I reviewed the invitation mentally, "Bright Lights will be at my house on the 22nd at 6:30pm..." 

Humm... what did I do wrong? I wasn't sure, so I walked away to my bedroom to pray. "Lord, please work it out for the girls to come, if it's your will." Just then my sister, Cami, came running down the hall way, yelling "Cassidy!! They're here!" 

We had a really sweet meeting, and I'm so thankful for each of the girls God has brought to my group. This past Tuesday was the second meeting, and the group has grown from 3 to 5 girls! I'm so excited! :)

Our illustration about worldliness 

Ashley, Cami, and Riley